The quest for unknown Zamora

It all started on a dark night in Wissenland

First meeting of the campaign

Our heroes, who did not know each other, were lured to the Boozy Maiden, a flying inn, that is, an unauthorized inn that changes location frequently in order to fool the authorities, which at that time opened in the barn of an abandoned farm in the foot of the Grey Mountains in the Ghostwood that surrounds the small village of Weilerberg. They had been told that it was an hub for travelers and information, but when they got there they were very disappointed by the few customers and the seedy atmosphere. The only conversation they struck was with each other and with a ‘doctor’ who sold “medicine” and specialized in amputations (they later discovered that he mainly dealt with mutants).

Later in the evening one of the few customers reported that he had heard noises coming from a fight not far from the barn, and that some of the fighters were certainly not humans. Our heroes, minus Matthias, rushed to the scene where they faced the last stages of an ambush. A war band of beastmen had just finished to kill a party of humans, while a man was rummaging through the the properties of the defeated. The party charged the beastmen, who, severely weakened by the recent fight, were defeated (Varzartag defeated the uber beastman) and it captured the man, who turned out to be a poison-farting mutant. He had received instructions to retrieve a signet ring and to bring it to first milestone in the direction of Nuln.

THE MONTMIRAILLE REGALIA AND ZAMORA: among the dead the party retrieved the signet ring and the banner of the Bretonnian house of Montmiraille, together with a damaged parchment in which the people of a settlement called Zamora offered the rectorship of the town to a member of the Montmiraiile family:


*__In name of our Lady Myrmidia the holy maiden warrior, the community of the ancient city of Zamora salutes the Noble House of Montmiraille and wishes to its members good health and prosperity.

We hold fond memories of the rule that once your Distinguished House held in Zamora. We deeply regret the rebellion of some foolish and despicable ancestors of ours that drove it out many years ago.

Indeed we plead the Noble House of Montmiraille to rule again our city and district, and we offer to one of its illustrious members its potestas as rector, arbiter and protector. Under your authoritative rule, we will restore our vineyards and fields, our mines and trade, making our community flourish again, and you will share its prosperity with us.

Our representatives will explain our relations with our Zenres, but especially the challenge of the dark….[section missing]…..from the sky for which we seek your advice and guidance.

After all these many years the identity of the member of your Noble Family will be confirmed by our representatives who have been sent to you and by the seal of the House of Montmirraille, whose coat of arms is still carved in the gate of our kastro and whose flag will flutter again from the tower of our formidable fortress and lighthouse.

Written in the Garrotted Dukling by Abacuc, causidicus and scribe, on order of the consuls Giovanni Carandini, Willhelm von Kunsberg, Gavrilo Gavras and Johannes Bretonniopoulos_.

INVESTIGATIONS IN WISSENLAND That is how the party was formed, which decided to investigate what was happening. In due course they slowly uncovered a conspiracy in which a group of cultists of Tzeench was on the verge of taking over the barony of Kreutzhofen, successfully denouncing it to the imperial authorities. Most of the cultists, however, escaped.

Known cultists included the group led by Kevin the farmer, who, at the Boozy Maiden, recruited mutants and victims for sacrifices, and also led a party of thugs and kept of a hidden temple of Tzeench under his farm. The party found and stormed his farm, discovered and looted its temple, but Kevin was not there and escaped unharmed. Kurt Vonnegut was the sherif of the village of Weilerberg who dealt with the party at the beginning of the quest, trying to covertly suppress its investigation. When the conspiracy was uncovered he disappeared. Marcus Heinz and Andreas Herenstein, respectively chamberlain and court wizard to the Baron von Kreutzhofen: again the pretended to help the party was were probably the leaders of the cultist cell: escaped unharmed.


Walan Walan

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