Alfredo Carandini

Head of the Carandini clan


The Carandini came from Tilea and they have been in Zamora for several generations. They live in a fortified manor known as Castel Carandini which commands the southern entrance to the plateau. They number around 150, live of trade and vineyards and they are the richest faction in town. They still have extensive links with the Tilean city states and claim control over the appointment of the local priest of Myrmidia (now vacant), who is usually from Tilea. Alfredo’s father, Flavio, is known to have been the brain behind the revolt against the Montmiraille, hoping to become major for life, and (in his plans) eventually the next signore. The appearance of the ghosts in the castle, and his inability of getting rid of them, ruined his plans and threw the city in confusion.


Alfredo Carandini

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