The quest for unknown Zamora

Finally in Zamora!

The party eventually arrived at Zamora by boat on the river, pretending to be loggers and merchants. Zamora turned out to be a settlement built in a plateau between the Varenka hills and the Howling River. There are only three entrances to the plateau, one of which is thought the actual town of Zamora, and the other two though the manor houses of the von Kunsbergh and Carandini factions. The burghers, or polopo faction dominated the town, while the Gavras dominate the surrounding marshes. There is also a river harbour between the plateau and the river, which is now controlled by the Zenrians. Moreover, the plateau and the river are dominated by a castle, which was built at the highest point of the plateau.

When the party disembarked, however, the Zenrians arrested Jean when he revealed to be Bretonnian. The guards found the Montmiraille regalia, but did not seem to recognise them. Eventually the party got Jean released showing that they had various signet rings (see the death of noblemen with the giant and at Ummenbach), thus convincing the not too bright Zenrian captain that they had found them on their way to Zamora.

Next the party met Alexios Bretonniopoulos, head of the people party and owner to the Garrotted Duckling, the only inn in Zamora, but they mainly seek to meet Abbacuc. When Alexios introduced them to him, to whom the party revealed its intentions, and Abbacuc turned out to be a local wiseman, historian, scribe and magic user who supported the party’s plan to seek the rectorship of the town.

Discussions with Abbacuc revealed various adventure seeds, from a meteor crater in the Varenka hills where a strange settlement was growing, to lost ruins in the Badlands, but the party decided to start from the local castle, which it bought was key to take control of the town.

Abacuc revealed that 20 years before a meteor had fallen in the Varenka hills and when Cedric, the only son of the Count of Montmiraille, investigated it with various Bretonnian fellow knight, he had never came back. The same applied to a rescue party. The Zamoran factions had taken advantage of that to rebel against the weakened Bretonnian rule, leading to the siege of the castle. One day the attackers noticed that all activity by the defenders had stopped, and when they got access to the fortress they found all the defenders dead. It was believed that the defenders had committed mass suicide because they had lost all hope. Yet almost immediately ghostly murderous apparitions forced the Zamorans out of the castle, and they believed that it was the course of the count of Montmiraille who was seeking revenge against the traitorous Zamorans. The loss of the caste crippled the principal defensive asset of the town and its control over the river trade, and loosened the cooperation among the Zamora factions. Unable to contain the rising power of the neighbouring Zenres, who seek control of the Howling river and to the trade to the dwarfish centre of Barak Var, the Zamora factions decided to seek the heir of the house of Montmiraille in Bretonnia. Yet unable to wait any longer, the Zamorans eventually bowed to Zenres, who sent a military detachment to take control of the town.

Basically the Zamoran envoys had found an heir to the Montmiraill in Bretonnia, but on their way back to Zamora they had been ambushed by the beastmen in Wissenland, and that is what the party had stumbled across.

The party then decided to investigate the castle at midnight in order hide its plans from the Zamora populace and the Zenrian occupying force. Within the abandoned castle the party fist encountered ghosts in the courtyard, and while most escaped frightened, Jean stood his ground, but the ghost actually spoke to him in Bretonnian: Je suis coincé. La chose dans les racines.

The party thus investigated the dungeon under the keep, to which it got access after battling a ghost at the entrance of the keep. In the keep the party found various corpses, which were particularly numerous in the dungeon, where the party also found a hole that had been excavated in the ground. Various weapons found among the corpses and bones looked strange, but the party did not not where they came from.

Eventually the party descended into the hole, where they found passages going in opposite directions around a large and deep well with spikes at its bottom. On one side they found a chamber with empty niches in the walls and carved images and inscriptions. Yet from the other side an evil apparition came, which took the shape of a column of darkness with spiky tentacles. The party defeated thanks with spells and Abbacus temporary turning of their equipment into magic weapons.

An investigation of that corridor revealed other two rooms, one leading into the other. The floor of the first was entirely covered with bones, and the second contained a sarcophagus. Yet when Gavi entered the first room ghostly apparitions attacked him. He managed just to escape, but when he got to the well the dark tentacled column appeared again, which the party just managed to repel again.


Walan Walan

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