The quest for unknown Zamora

Trip to Zamora

After stumbling upon, exposing and crippling a cultist network that was taking over the barony of Kreutzhofen, in the southernmost tip of the Empire, the party started to look for and to travel to Zamora in the Border Princes with Jean pretending to be the heir of the house of Montmiraille in order to claim the rectorship of Zamora.

Travelling through Wissenland, the party first engaged with prospectors near Sonnefurt, where, instead of getting rid of a giant for them, the party actually sided with the giant (the prospectors had killed his son). The result was that the prospectors were massacred, but the party also murdered the imbecile nobleman who was meant to lead their hunt for the giant.

Next the party fred an alleged witch, who turned out to be a real witch, but a good one. She came from the village of Thalfang and belonged to the local hidden cult of the Goodwalkers, who worship nature and actually fight Chaos. She took the party to her village, which was almost entirely inhabited by women, where they were fed, healed and where Jean even got laid (having no men posed a reproductive problem to the witches)! The party’s nosiness then brought it to the nearby wood, where it discovered the shrine of the good witches, their priestess giving it advice regarding its future, and especially the need to find Lithium, a protecting stone that is to be found in the Badlands and is going be be helpful to them.

After leaving the village the party was ambushed by pink horrors, which were sent by the remnants of the Kreutzhofen cultists in revenge. The event was partly expected and predicted by Matthias, but there were many false alarms before it, leading to interesting events. Varzartag the ogre died fighting valiantly against the creatures of chaos. The rest of the party survived, but was severely battered.

Further travel got the party to the Wurstfest at Grenzen, anf by then Gavin’s psicological problems, caused by recent experiences, had become quite severe. He tried to alleviate his anguish with alcohol, but he felt he needed more than that and approached the gypsies who were attending the fest. The old crone who led the gypsies was not particularly helpful, but predicted the party’’s travels to the east and the Badlands, and their encounter there with a great king of old in an ancient city. Eventually Gavin got a large quantity of camomile, but it is not having much effect on his nerves.

Next stop was the small town of Ummembach, at the mouth of a minor pass leading to the Border Princes, where the party was engaged by a noblemen to get rid of the judicial champion of the local major, with whom the nobleman was fighting a legal battle over the possession of the town. The champion happened to be a ogre managed by a halfling. The party’s way of solving the problem was to murder their yappi dog using a trail of sausages, and then to attack their barn during the following night, killing the ogre and then the halfling, and setting fire to the barn. The halfling had climbed to the roof in order to escape the attack, but injured by cross bolts, he had actually surrendered. Yet while climbing down the roof with the Bretonnian, the latter lost balance and fell over the halfling, finishing him off. In the meanwhile the party became aware of the presence in town of bounty hunters who were looking for them, but in different groups and for different reasons. One of them was pursuing the group because of the liberation of the witch, but intelligence gathering lead the group to believe that the other, nastier one, might have been working for their old friends the cultists of Kreutzhofen, who were also guarding the mountain pass.

The noblemen then won the trial against the major thanks to his own judicial champion, and he exiled the major, but then refused to pay the party, which then plotted revenge with the exiled major. One night one of the town guards loyal to the major left one of the doors of the town hall open, where he nobleman and his retinue were living. The party sneaked in and a battle commenced with guards first, who were taken by surprise and quickly dispatched. The situation, however, became far more difficult with the nobleman, who locked himself in his own room together with his judicial champion, awaiting re-enforcements, which were not arriving. Eventually the party got access to the room, and when, after a rather difficult fight, the noblemen felt himself cornered and he jumped out of the window, dying on the street beneath. The party, however, was unable to open his safe (they had not considered the ground floor rooms, where the secretary lived, who held one of the two required keys of the safe and managed to escape unharmed). It was decided to throw the safe out of the window, and it fell over the body of the dead nobleman, partially cracking open. In the meanwhile, however, a large crowd had been gathering around the hall. The group. therefore was unable to take the valuables from the safe, but it took advantage of the confusion and of the mixed allegiances of the leaderless crowd and town militia, to escape towards the mountain pass for the Border Princes..

The rush escape from Ummembach meant that the party could not avail itself of the guide which it had found, but the decision was taken to attempt the cross of the Black Mountains nonetheless. Despite various difficulties it eventually worked. The main danger came from a mountain troll that attacked the party which sheltering from a tempest in a cave. Fortunately Gavi spotted the Troll while it was sneaking inside the cave and the following battle was successful. In the case the party also found the remains of people who had not been as successful as them, and turned out to be the cultists who had been sent to intercept them in the pass.

Eventually the party left the Empire behind and ventured into the Border Princes, first travelling to the logging republican settlement of Styratia, and then following the River Starnek down to Browska, where Gavi and were arrested for putting up a shooting display within the town, while Jean and Matthias seek audience with the fellow Bretonnian local prince, Duke Beaucamp. The prince believed the party, released the rest of the party and hosted it for a few days, supporting their mission to Zamora and warning them of the rising power of the principality of Zenres, which was now controlling Zamora. The provision of wood for the forges of the dwarfish settlement of Barak Var, on the coast south of Zamora is one of the main financial resources of the region. With the help of Duke Beaucamp, the party disguised as logging agents and travelled on the River Starnek, finally getting Zamora.


Walan Walan

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