The quest for unknown Zamora

Masters of Zamora's castle!

Or on the usefulness of strategic retreats

At the beginning of the session the party was still in the passages under the castle. Despite lacking fortune points and offensive resources, it attempted to reach the burial chamber through the room that was full of bones and was defended by spirits that seem to be very difficult to hurt. That proved almost fatal. Having barely escaped with their lives, and having lost fate points, the party left the castle avoiding the re-animated corpses in the keep, and regrouped in Abbacuc’s house.

After spending a day healing and resting, the following night the not-too happy Abbacuc enchanted their weapons again, but attracted various times Tzeench’s curse, resulting in dogs howling across the town, which woke its inhabitants up. The party decided to pursue its objective nonetheless, and, indeed, spotted people looking at it from windows in the houses overlooking the haunted castle. Matthias tried to distract a woman by flying towards her window, but she shut her shutters in his face.

This time the party rushed to the dungeon to take full advantage of the limited time of Abbacuc’s spell. It vanquished the Thing and then the ghosts that were defending the room of bones. Then, after many attempts it managed to lift the lid of the sarcophagus while Gavi sensed a strong danger coming, and they saw that the mummy it contained had started to emanate a pulsating glow. Gavi then pearced the body and head of the mummy with a stick, which seem to do the trick and the party heard a “merci” coming from nowhere in particular. They realised that the Thing was an ectoplasmic manifestation of the soul of the mummified individual, which it could cast several times, and that by destroying the mummy the party must have released the Bretonnian-speaking ghost, which probably belonged to the old count.

Jewels were recovered from the mummy and a glowing khopesh. Moreover, in the castle the party found s stash of weapons and a safe.

the party is now master of Zamora’s castle!!!!


Walan Walan

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